In the Minds of First-Time Dynasty Players


Saquon Barkley may be the best running back in college football, and his 2018 NFL Draft stock is already getting well-deserved hype.


With the NFL season right around the corner, fantasy football season is now in full swing. Most of us have drafted many best ball leagues already, and it seems as if the dynasty guys are always working on something. Like myself, many others wanted to venture into the world of dynasty.


Then we ran across Dynasty Origins, a group of players that have never played before in a dynasty league together. As our draft started, a thought came to mind. What were other guys thinking?


So I, Tyler Reynolds,  came up with the idea to ask a few of the guys in my league (Dynasty Origins 3) to give me their thoughts on how they planned on drafting after their first few picks.

I asked them each two questions: First, when drafting in a dynasty league, what are the most important things that you look at? Position? Age? and second, do you look to be a team that’s in win-now mode or are you going for a team that will be the main contender down the road?

First and foremost I would like to thank the three gentlemen that helped me out and answered these questions.

Chet Bryant @PapaCBryant – his exact words, all I did was paragraph them

Jonathan Roberts @name2common4ths – answers will be in his exact words

Jeremy Wyman @TheCigarStud – answers will be in his exact words

Now the fun begins. Let see how these three dynasty “newbies” went about their first ever dynasty draft!

Alvin Kamara

1. When drafting in a dynasty league what are the most important things that you look at? Position? Age?

Chet– There are two main factors when looking at players I would like to draft: Age and the role of each player. I drafted Alvin Kamara at 1.07 (round one, pick seven) due to the fact that Mark Ingram is in a contract year.  And I’ve got additional hope that Kamara will become a full-time starter. On the flip side in all of his Best Ball leagues for this season, I own little to no Alvin Kamara due to him splitting carries when Ingram returns. Next,I followed that up with Devonta Freeman another guy who shares carries, but the other part of the committee will be a free agent this year as well (Tevin Coleman). I also looked for early value trading my way up to grab elite tight end Rob Gronkowski, which is especially important since tight end is a position that does not hold many elite players. I also look to add future players in the later rounds to keep his team strong now but to have future value on his team as well.

Jonathan–  When drafting in any league, I think the most important factor to consider is value over replacement. Unless your flex spots are filling up and you have yet to take your first running back, reaching for players is almost always costly. It is definitely true that running backs value falls off drastically after around the tenth one is off the board, which is a factor that leads many people to grab their running back core early. However, at least in dynasty leagues, I am not incredibly worried about longevity or future depth at the position regardless of how my inaugural draft goes. Young running backs entering the league have been incredibly productive over the past few seasons, and this phenomenon doesn’t show signs of slowing down. If I miss out on my young stud RB, I’ll just snag some veterans in the inaugural draft and upgrade at next year’s rookie draft. All that is not to say that position should not be a factor in your draft, but never forfeit a high-value pick because you are afraid you’ll lose out on a top-ten running back.

Jeremy– My goal is to always secure a stud running back first, then see where round two takes me. A running back/running back for my first two picks is ideal, but as with any draft, any format, gotta stay fluid and opt for the best available. I believe the running back talent pool drops off so much faster than wide receiver talent, which is usually very deep. There will be more solid wide receiver options later in the draft and several more will pop up on the waiver wire later in the season (take Robby Anderson, Marquise Goodwin in 2017, for example). Yes, there are late round running back surprises that pop up here and there, too, but more wide receiver potential, in my opinion.


DeAndre Hopkins

2.  Do you look to be a win now team or are you going for the team that will be the main contender down the road?

Chet– I’ve got a win-now mindset because he I’m paying for the league so obviously I want to win. I look at the draft in a three-year window and how I can bring home three consecutive championship teams.

Jonathan– Adaptability is the key to success. I try to wait a round or two before making a decision on what my team will look like. If the best value picks that fall to me are old men (28+), I will probably adjust my strategy and draft a win now team to ensure that I get a few good seasons out of my team before they all retire. If I wind up with Barkley and Michael Thomas, I’ll build up a semi-young core around them to be a dominant future team. A lot of dynasty players will try to balance their rosters with both young and experienced players, but the best way to ensure yourself a championship is to stick to a single age bracket and make a team that will either be really strong now or really strong later, not somewhat strong always.


Jeremy–  Since this is my first dynasty startup, I’m actually treating it kind of like a redraft/dynasty hybrid. I’m drafting like I do in a redraft, only I’m giving it a second thought when I consider drafting an older guy with less longevity. I’ll take a deeper look into who else may be a more viable option for the long haul. In short, my number one priority is to win THIS season, but I’m also trying to build a base for the future with my draft picks.



Summary of each answer based on the answers received:

1. When drafting in a dynasty league what are the most important things that you look at? Position? Age?

All are in agreement that having a solid running back corps is key because of the value drop off deeper into drafts. Jeremy and Chet believe in grabbing the running back value early, while Jonathan believes that if you miss out on one of the top guys that your team is not in severe trouble because of how well rookie running backs have done coming into the league the past few seasons. All looked at the longevity and the role of each player very hard in making their picks to ensure their team will be successful this year and years to come.

2. Do you look to be a win now team or are you going for the team that will be the main contender down the road?

All three of these gentlemen agreed that going for the win-now mentality was vital in making their decisions in the draft. They also made sure the players they picked were going to be key contributors in the years to come. They prefer to win now, but if they do not, have a group of guys that can also push them to dynasty glory in future years as well.





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