Fantasy Football ’18 Quarterback Rankings

It’s finally the 2018 fantasy football season and the STF team wants to make sure you go into your draft feeling prepared to take down the rest of your league this year. You can start by viewing our re-draft quarterback rankings below.

Our three analysts, Cole Topham, Dillon Frazier, and Tyler Reynolds, all provide a different perspective so you can decide which set of rankings you agree with the most. You can follow each writer at their individual Twitter handle:

Cole = @Snack_TimeFS
Dillon = @dillonfrazier98
Tyler = @TylerThaGreat58

2018 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings
# Cole Topham Dillon Frazier Tyler Reynolds
1 Aaron Rodgers Drew Brees Aaron Rodgers
2 Russell Wilson Aaron Rodgers Russell Wilson
3 Tom Brady Carson Wentz Carson Wentz
4 Drew Brees Tom Brady Cam Newton
5 Kirk Cousins Matt Ryan Tom Brady
6 Cam Newton Philip Rivers Philip Rivers
7 Deshaun Watson Russell Wilson Andrew Luck
8 Carson Wentz Deshaun Watson Drew Brees
9 Philip Rivers Jared Goff Matthew Stafford
10 Ben Roethlisberger Jimmy Garoppolo Kirk Cousins
11 Andrew Luck Andrew Luck Deshaun Watson
12 Matthew Stafford Cam Newton Alex Smith
13 Jared Goff Alex Smith Matt Ryan
14 Matt Ryan Matthew Stafford Ben Roethlisberger
15 Marcus Mariota Kirk Cousins Jared Goff
16 Patrick Mahomes Ben Roethlisberger Blake Bortles
17 Dak Prescott Mitchell Trubisky Marcus Mariota
18 Jimmy Garoppolo Marcus Mariota Derek Carr
19 Tyrod Taylor Derek Carr Jimmy Garoppolo
20 Alex Smith Eli Manning Dak Prescott
21 Case Keenum Blake Bortles Patrick Mahomes
22 Mitchell Trubisky Dak Prescott Eli Manning
23 Derek Carr Patrick Mahomes Case Keenum
24 Andy Dalton Tyrod Taylor Mitchell Trubisky
25 Eli Manning Ryan Tannehill Joe Flacco
26 Blake Bortles Joe Flacco Ryan Tannehill
27 Ryan Tannehill Andy Dalton Jameis Winston
28 Sam Bradford Jameis Winston Andy Dalton
29 Joe Flacco Josh Rosen* Tyrod Taylor
30 A.J. McCarron Case Keenum Sam Bradford

*denotes rookie player

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