D.K. Metcalf Scouting Report

Most of you guys probably don’t know me but my name Chase Hammes, the newest addition to the STF Team. For the most part, I’ll be delivering NFL Draft content to you guys. I am excited to introduce my new preview of the 2019 wide receiver class alongside fellow STF writer Usayd Koshul. First up is my no. 1 ranked wider receiver, D.K. Metcalf.

Player Breakdown: D.K. Metcalf is a 6’3, 227-pound pass catcher who attended Ole Miss. He posted an insane combine with an astonishing 4.33 forty-yard dash, 27 bench press reps, and posted a 40.5 inch vertical. He played 12 games and had 26 receptions for 569 yards and 5 touchdowns in 2018 before going down with a neck injury. He is the son of former NFL offensive lineman, Terrence Metcalf.

Now, let’s dive into Metcalf’s strengths and weaknesses.


  • Typical number one receiver with great size and speed combination
  • Great beating press with his long arms and deep speed
  • Has a variety of different ways to get off the line of scrimmage with hand usage
  • Large catch radius who will excel in the red zone with size and “go up and get it” ability
  • Great after the catch and will run by you or break tackles with his big frame
  • Good releases on slants and nine routes
  • Physical receiver who bodies smaller corners
  • Uses his big frame and momentum to get open rather then quickness out of breaks
  • Great at tracking deep balls and has good body control
  • Great blocker on the edge and will set the the tone for whatever team he lands on
  • Wasn’t used correctly or enough at Ole Miss and has his best years ahead of him
  • Great bloodlines and has one of the highest ceilings in the class


  • Historically bad three cone drill will worry teams about his versatility as a route runner
  • Still fairly raw as a route runner and wins simply with size and athleticism
  • Teams will question his production at Ole Miss
  • Flexibility could be an issue with his massive muscular frame
  • Has some lack of concentration which leads to some frustrating drops
  • Has an injury history and missed most of his freshman year and a several games a season ago

Summary: D.K. Metcalf is ranked as my no. 8 overall player and number one wide receiver. His combination of size and speed mixed with his hand usage and vertical ability makes him one of the best wide receiver prospects of the last 5 years. I particularly like his fit with the 49ers, Giants, Jaguars, Bills, Dolphins, and Redskins. I think Metcalf will be an all-pro caliber player by the end of his rookie contract.

Player Comparison: Calvin Johnson (Ceiling)/ David Boston (Floor)

Chase Hammes is a high school student who just started writing about the NFL last year. He also writes for steelcityunderground.com. If you want to give him a follow on Twitter, the handle is @chasingthedraft.

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