10 Hot Takes for the 2019 MLB Season

Opening Day is finally upon us and there’s no better way to welcome the new baseball season than by firing off some of my spiciest predictions for the upcoming months. Below are ten bold statements that I believe could happen in 2019. Let me know on Twitter at @Snack_TimeFS if you agree or if you have a hot take of your own!

Alright, you might want to get that flame-retardant gear on before you advance any farther down this article. Ready? Well, I can’t say I didn’t warn you.

HOT TAKE #1: Jack Flaherty finishes as a Top 5 finalist for the Cy Young award.
Jacob deGrom was the surprise National League winner last year with his 269 strikeouts and league-leading 1.70 ERA. Who says Flaherty can’t reach similar numbers?

HOT TAKE #2: Adalberto Mondesi, Billy Hamilton, and Whit Merrifield combine for over 150 steals.
Considering the Royals house three of the most dangerous base stealers in the Majors, this doesn’t seem to be hot take at all. However, Hamilton is coming off a down year and Mondesi’s full potential has yet to be revealed. We shall see how this prediction fairs.

HOT TAKE #3: Miguel Cabrera returns to form, clubs 30+ homers.
Miggy had an uncharacteristic, injury-riddled 2018 campaign that only saw him club 3 home runs over the course of the season. I fully expect him to return to his slugging ways.

HOT TAKE #4: Fernando Tatis Jr. takes home NL ROY honors.
The Padres are one of the most exciting teams on the rise in baseball. While a large part of that hype has to do with Machado’s arrival in San Diego, the Padres also boast one of the top farm systems in the Majors with the no. 2 overall prospect Tatis, who was promoted to the Opening Day roster two days ago. This pick is a lock for me.

HOT TAKE #5: The D-backs continue their rebuild by shopping Zack Greinke at the MLB Trade Deadline and find a taker.
The D-backs appear to be renovating for the long-term. One of the last pieces still remaining from the old era is Zack Greinke, the same ace they handed a six-year, $206.5 million contract to back in 2015. They could get a nice return for him at the deadline, especially from teams needing a quality starting pitcher for a deep postseason run.

HOT TAKE #6: The Yankees have the Majors’ most efficient bullpen in 2019.
Just take one look at New York’s bullpen and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Aroldis Chapman, Zach Britton, Dellin Betances, and Adam Ottavino will create hell in the late innings for opposing batters.

HOT TAKE #7: Bryce Harper propels the Phillies to the postseason with 45+ home runs and 110+ RBI.
A new team means a potential career season for Harper.

HOT TAKE #8: The Miami Marlins pitch a no-hitter in an empty stadium.
Frustrated with the lack of fan attendance, Wei-Yin Chen is electric over nine innings even though nobody is watching.

HOT TAKE #9: Nolan Arenado barely edges out Ronald Acuna Jr. for the National League MVP award.
Comfortable now that he’s signed on with the Rockies long-term, Arenado is shaping up to have a career year. He’s clubbed 37+ homers every year since 2015 and has established himself as one of the most consistent (and healthy) players in baseball.

HOT TAKE #10: The Astros defeat the Brewers in seven games to win the World Series for the second time in three years.
…you heard it here first.

Cole Topham is the lead editor for snacktimefantasy.com and covers the MLB and NFL. He enjoys watching his opponents suffer as he defeats them week after week in his fantasy football/baseball leagues. 

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